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[Weekly Chic] Early Spring with Pleated Maxi Dress

February 11, 2011

Shini's newest lollipop style looks amazingly stunning!!!!! The pleated maxi skirt is really adorable! It looks glamorously vintage. Mixing with grey sporty jumper and elegant high heels, the outfit is so much eye-catchy in the street.

Item List:

1. DONNA KAREN Jumper, makes the whole look high-street and casual.

2. PROENZA SCHOULER Shirt, digital prints help the look less dull.

3. A.L.C Maxi Dress, select the one with a slide of metal glimmer.

4.PROENZA SCHOULER Bag, the classy PS1 bag matches the street look so well!

5. JIMMY CHOO High Heels, running with classic round toe high heels.

The colour matching of
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lotus pink and grey is perfect!!!

2011 Pre-Fall Show

January 18, 2011

I'm in fact impressed by the Pre-fall released not long before.

It looks stunningly neat! very dressy! Minimalism still prevails the trends. and for your reference,  a bell bottom pants are the it items!

3.1 Phillip Lim looks gorgeous for the office lady. The outfits stays in a comfortable zone rather than too powerful. I personally adore the coats with chiffon sleeves.

Alexander Wang, my always favourite, shows an extraordinary  collection of the evening dress. Simple silhouette with a lot of interesting details makes the dress elegant but cool. I still love the pin-up combining the any fabric with leather. I dare say the left two jacket would become the hot item next season.

Balenciaga got a fabulous wallpaper!!!! and I love the tiny cape on the pants and skirt, very lovely and chic!

No one would ever resist this season's Céline! It updated the minimalism with pin-ups! Even using light blue and pink, the outfit looks still classy! The patchwork denim outfit will definitely be the must-have.

Givenchy's theme is A Day with Givenchy with a changing view in the background from day to night and to dawn. Maxi dress and bell bottoms, highlighting the slim body, are notable items.

Prints in Proenza Schouler still shines. A black coat balanced the prints. But it cannot be limited in just dark color. Big shape of bright neon color mixed with these prints will leave you a happy mood.

Young Lady is probably most suitable for this Stella McCartney collection, vintage and sweet. I love the boxy coat in camel though I'm not that into camel, the silhouette attracts me a lot.

Young as The Row, it shows us a surprising growing up speed. little round collar looks cute together with the leather shorts and skirt. We just never get bored with the boyish look.

TSE  is doing another minimalsim with its focus on the architecture shape. Geometrical lines in the collar and sleeve are super adoreable!

That's new Valentino, though far
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waydifferent than the one we used to love. But no one would deny its beauty. These appealing lace little dress will transform the dresser into a lovely lady.

[WEEKLY CHIC] Brightening Camel

November 03, 2010

Despite the overwhelmingly sweeping away of the camel look, i'm not that fond of this color. Cuz once I put it on, my face turns to camel as the clothes. But when i saw this streetsnap by Garance Dore, i was immediately shocked by the way she carries  camel. Adding some bright color into the look, it will be renewed.

Item List:

1. VANESSA BRUNO , nude pink jumper, adding in the bright color.

2.BURBEEY, trench coat, matches the nude perfectly.

3.ROCHAS, bright green pants, u may choose peach pink or lemon yellow.

4.ALAIA, flats, make the entire look comfortable.

5.PROENZA SCHOULER,PS1 satchel,vintage and chic.

A Year in Heavy Machine

November 01, 2010

Hello World!

I knew the latest entry is pulished on Feb this year. Coping with my laziness, now I'm back to onsugar.

The reason why i entile this entry as A Year in Heavy Machine is because a long time ago i saw a book named A Year in High Heels in the library. I've got many friends who are addicted to high heels.They feel totally uneasy when putting on the flats. Just like the main concept of Heavy Machine, women are crazy for high heels, even though they are killing. One of the song from Maximilian Hecker called THE DAYS ARE LONG AND FILLED WITH PAIN could easily tell the paradox of women's affection to high heels. Therefore, it comes a long the brand name Heavy Machine.

I got a pair of fabulous high heels from Heavy Machine the other day.The big colour block is so amazing. The most fascinating part is the comfortless the shoes bring.The heels are strong and the fabric is soft which make the walking easier. Besides i love the design in the back. it contains a srping which allows the movement when walking even running! I remember a TV programme by Nina Gracia called Running in heels.maybe next time it could be Running in Heavy Machines.

The shocking colours of Heavy Machine remind me of Lego and childhood. It has outline
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of architecture, vivid and stunning.

The designers are now planning the next season's items. Cannot wait to see it~

[Interview] Hobo Chic as Lucy

February 04, 2010

Lucy Gao is a Chinese girl who lives and studies in Toronto, Canada. She is a very lovely girl and very easy-going.Her comfortable style attracts me so much. Not only because the items are simple, but also the looks she made is very easy for every girl to follow.

Here comes the interview:

when did you pay attention to your dressing?

haha maybe when I was in high school,it's actually a bit of a sad story.I came to canada with my parents when I was in grade 4. no grade 5!  When i wore that in elementary school, there used to be a girl who made fun of what i wore.I mix-matched a lot of different colours.


And didn't really care about what I wore. It was a young age anyways..we were all innocent haha.So in high school I decided to pay a little more attention.


Dressing nicely brings about a lot of confidence,but then slowly i started to learn about fashion as a way of self-expression,not just to look nice, but to be unique and individualistic.

When do you start to sharing the outfits in the blog?


Four months ago i guess. I had my blog last year

Any kind of influence did the blog bring you?

haha not yet. I only just started blogging about personal style.

Who is your fashion icon?


I don't have a fashion icon.I don't really follow any specific person.But I do get my inspirations from street styles, street blogs.

What is your fav item?

LACE UP BOOTS. i'm really addicted

Any must-have recently?

yes, large knits.knitted sweaters

Where do you usually shop?

H&M! I live in suburban toronto.So all the malls have the same stores out of all the high fashion stores, h&m is the best!

Which designer or brand do you like best?

To be honest, valentino has always appealed to me.It's so classy,his red collections.

Currently, stella mccartney,alex wang!

If you have a chance to lead the trend, what kind of trend do you want,like changing the toronto sytle?

haha, I wish Toronto style would look like that of Paris, It's classy, tasteful

What do you think it's the most fashionable thing or word?

Personality. you don't need to follow the most recent trend to be fashionable. You just need to be able to express your own style and be comfort with it.I love to see variety and personality, rather than everyone following the same trends.